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                                                                 Curriculum Overview

MLK JR. Preschool and other preschools are currently using the Creative Curriculum, Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early Learning-Comprehensive Standards, High Scope's Key Developmental Indicators. Teaching Strategies' Objectives for Development & Learning, unit teaching, Al's Pals, and Home Learning Recipes, to achieve the educational objectives for the Virginia Preschool Initiative Program. All of these will guide the classroom environment and promote children's development through emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth. Children will be involved in active learning, exploring and manipulating a variety of materials. This framework helps the teaching staff to encourage and extend a child's self-chosen activities by providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

 AL's Pals

Al's Pal's teaches young children social-emotional skills and healthy decision-making within the context of a caring adult-child relationship. The Al's Pals curriculum is accompanied by training which builds teacher's abilities to relate to children in positive ways and create a caring, cooperative classroom environment. The combined training and curriculum provide an effective framework for teachers to establish nurturing relationships with children while developing children's social competence, self-regulation, thinking abilities, and language skills.